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-May 30, 2011-Let's talk about the bad guys!

1. What makes a good villain, in your opinion?

A good villain to me is much like a good hero: they have to have flaws.  They can be all wicked and evil, but they still need to have something that gives them a little quirk; something that makes them not quite perfect; something that makes them vulnerable and therefore, they have something that even the good guys could exploit.

2. Do you tend to write more for villains or heroes?

I write more for heroes.  It seems easier to write from their point of view than from a villians, but since I've never really tried it from the villians side, I suppose I should and see how I like it....not that I don't still prefer being on the good guys side.

3. Who wins more often in your stories, the good guy or the bad guy?

The good guys.

4. Have you ever written a redeemable / reformed villain? A good guy turned bad?

Not yet, but you never know, I may throw one in somewhere.

5. Are there any themes among your bad guys - do you tend to write zombie stories, fantasy villains, etc?

I mostly write fantasy villains or make my good guys go up against Gods.

6. Are some of your antagonists non-villains, just at cross purposes from the hero?

While she really isn't a villain, my Brunhilde (from my story Valkyrie Chronicles) is at cross purposes for quite a while from my heroine, Ishetalia.  It really can't be helped since she feels betrayed and all.

Bonus points:
Write a story involving your hero / protagonist - but tell it from the villain / antagonist's point of view.

She had left.  Runaway, or so he had overheard when Brunhilde was informing his father of it.  Odin had been furious at the news, blaming the Valkyries for not keeping enough guard on one of their own.  Brun had just stood there and taken it, not once disagreeing, though he could see the hurt and fury in her stance.

He had, of course, swept into the room and offered to take over the task of reigning in their wayward Valkyrie.  It didn't faze him when Thor rolled his eyes as if Loki couldn't get the job done.  Loki had just shot him a look and, when Odin's back was to them, flipped his brother off.  Odin had readily agreed, to which Thor had objected and been told that he was needed elsewhere.

So now he sat in his rooms plotting the capture of one Ishetalia.  It wasn't like he didn't have his own motivations for doing so.  She was beautiful.  Long brown hair and wings of midnight black and curves in all the right places.  He wanted her for his own, despite what he had told his father.

There came a knock at his door.  "Enter!" he called from where he sat, staring at the map of Earth on the desk in front of him.

"She was last seen in the eastern part of this continent," Brunhilde said as she came up to his side, pointing at a general area on the map.

He snorted, "You can't even pinpoint her location, why should I rely on your information?"

"So don't, but that doesn't mean I don't want to find her too.  She was more than a comrade to me."

He looked up at her then.  She was staring at the map intently, as if she could see the Valkyrie in question.  Where Brun was beautiful in a geeky scientist sort of way, Ishetalia was beautiful in the warrior way.  Brun had short black hair that was being perpetually held back by her silly flying goggles.  Her face was nothing remarkable, but she did have the most intense emerald eyes.  She was short, yet lithe and he could see why many men turned they're heads in her direction, as if she were magnetic North.

He shook himself out of his observation of the woman next to him, "I know that, but maybe you're too close to the situation."

She snorted, "That may be, but I....I care about her."

It takes them months to find her, Brunhilde doing all the research and tracking while he sits in the background and pulls the strings.  There had been many close calls, but once Ishetalia had become aware of what they were doing, she became more careful and the instances of Brun showing up just mere minutes after her and that mortal had become fewer and further between.  But than Ishetalia had made a mistake, just like everyone does.

The mortal-Michael, he thinks Brun had called him-had been injured badly in one of Brun's ambushes.  Brun had sent a couple of her Sisters ahead of her and things had gotten buggered quickly, especially when the Tracker that Loki had sent had shown up.  That had been one Hell of a clusterfuck, he thought.  When the dust had settled, Ishetalia and the mortal had gotten away, again; one of the Valkyries was dead, the other had a nasty gash on her forehead; and Brun and the Tracker had been arguing over whose fault it was.  Loki had taken one look at the scene and ordered them back to Asgard.  He had been angry and disappointed, and as such had banished the Tracker, summoning a new one in his place.

It wasn't the Tracker that had found Ishetalia though, not that she hadn't helped in the ensuing fight.  No, it had been Letik that had found the raven-winged Valkyrie.  Letik was one of Brunhilde's subordinates, and a young one at that.  She just happened to be at the hospital that Ishetalia had brought the mortal to, gathering a new soul from some dead kid.  She had immediately called for Brunhilde, who had come and upon seeing Ishetalia, had called for back up.

The fight had been another brutal one.  Mortals were caught in the crossfire and Immortals being seriously wounded (though luckily none of them had died this time).  The Tracker had managed to get behind Ishetalia as she fought Brun, getting with in the dual-wielding Valkyrie's defense , and hitting her hard enough to make he slump to the floor, unconscious.  Brun had been furious at that, thinking that Ishetalia was dead.  While they may be Immortal to the humans, they certainly weren't to each other.  Ishetalia hadn't been dead, of course, and within time, she was put in the dungeons of the palace.

This was not what Father had wanted, but I had managed to hold him off for now by simply requesting we find out what she knew and why she did what she did.

I stood outside the wooden door to her cell, peering through the barred window.  The figure inside began to stir.

When I noticed that she was looking around, I had said, " Ah, I see you have awoken."

She jerked her head up, defiantly staring at the door with her startling blue eyes, she spat, "What do you want, Loki?"

I jerked as if I'd been slapped, despite the sturdy wood door between us and the chains on her, connecting to the wall behind.

"Now, now, is that any way to greet your protector?" I asked smugly, hiding the pain her anger caused.

This just seemed to piss her off even more.

"Protector my black-feathered ass!"

Instead of letting my anger show, I began laughing.  Her chains rattled as she shifted angrily, surely wanting to lunge at the door if she could.

"Your indignation is quite funny, my little pet," I chortled. "I'll be seeing you."

With that, I turned on my heel and walked down the corridor, a smirk playing across my features.

-June 13, 2011-It's Munday!  And this particular Munday is the birthday of one of your lovely mods. Two more out of the six have birthdays this week!

So, time for presents!  For today's Munday, tell us something you have been looking for, an rp partner, an icon, a beta reader, a hand drawn character pic of your OC who doesn't REALLY look like that PB, some really great Sherlock fanfiction...then look and see if there is anyone whose wish you can grant.

...yes I know that we all do this at Christmas, but being nice to each other in summer is good too!

I would love new icons, especially things that have to do with writing, Hawaii Five-0, BBC Sherlock, or SPN.

Drawing of my OC's or a scene from one of my stories would be nice too.  I'm really not picky on this.  XD

-June 27, 2011-About the Author-

1. What would you put in your author bio if one of your works were published?

Miffedplatypus has been writing since she was little, but did not actively take an interest in it until Middle School. She enjoys writing fantasy, but will dabble in science-fiction, fanfiction, and poetry. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her cat and her muses. When she's not writing, she can be found hanging with her friends, reading, playing video games, or lurking online.

2. How important do you consider an author biography?

I really don't consider it important. Yeah, it helps to get to know the author, but that's about it, and this can often be done via their website.

3. What do you consider its main function to be?

To learn more about an author.

4. Do you read an unfamiliar author's bio before or after buying a book?

Not always, I sometimes read them for shits and giggles.

5. Does it influence your decision to purchase or read a novel, or story collection if you like / dislike the author's bio?

Nope, the description on the back of the book influences my decision more.
Mondays are a day where we get to answer questions about ourselves, the authors behind the characters. I really do enjoy them cause it lets me explore why I write and asks me questions that I don't normally think about. Mondays are also the only days where we get to write OOC. Included in this post is a short story that I wrote from one of my villains POV's. :)

Valkyrie Chronicles, characters ~miffedplatypus
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