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-June 10, 2011-Morgan Freeman could narrate the phone book for me and I'd be happy. But alas, we have to narrate our bucket lists ourselves. So share with us your character's bucket list-- the things they'd like to do before they die.

-protect Michael at all costs
-travel to more than just the battlefield
-gain some allies
-tell Michael that I love him
-stop the war
-be something more that just a fallen Valkyrie

-June 17, 2011-Nicknames, maiden names, aliases or titles.  List the things people have called you over the years.

-Ishetalia Valkor
-my little pet
-That Winged Bitch

-June 24, 2011-List....

5 things you're into right now

-Protecting what I love
-Defying the All-Father and Prophecy
-Chocolate-chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream (Hey, a girl's gotta have a vice!)

4 things that you used to be into, but aren't anymore

-Being a good little robot of a Valkyrie
-Cloud chasing

3 things you wish you didn't have to do

-Defy the All-Father
-Betray my Sisters
-Fight for my life....and his

2 things that have disappointed you


and one thing that's changed your life but in a good way

Fridays are prompts to list various things. :3

Valkyrie Chronicles, characters ~miffedplatypus
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