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If I Could DD...

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 1:41 PM
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Blue Bloods
  • Reading: Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief
  • Watching: Blue Bloods
  • Playing: World of Warcraft
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: 7Up
So the awesome GrimFace242 challenged us to come up with a list of pieces that we feel deserve a DD.  My favorites are full of so many pieces that I think deserve one, but I'm only going to include a few here, in no particular order (and may include a few authors twice, but they are so good!).  Please feel free to take a look at them:

What the Water Gave MeI didn't cry when Tam Lin went away. I broke into the local pool after it closed and everyone was gone, and I read the books he left me, and I waited.
I wondered if he listened to the mixes I made him, if he practiced his diving. If anyone over there was trying to beat him up, the way they had when he moved here, before we were friends. But mostly, I wondered if Tam was waiting, too.
I'd hoped to see him when my parents moved us to America. I knew we were just one of many, an exodus away from Ireland after the economy collapsed, but we were moving to the same area, and Tam had sent his address when he arrived. He'd never answered my letters, but I thought I'd look anyway. Surely he'd have time for me if I came in person.
I knew I was being pathetic, but I didn't care. I wanted to see his face again. In my wallet I kept a photo of us together: I had folded and unfolded it so often that the paper had become like velvet when I pressed it to my cheek. Sad indeed.
After I got settled in
The Dead God's RevelationLucien scrubbed with harsh soap until his skin was red and stinging, then stepped under a jet of hot water. He’d been doing this forever, but it still made him grimace and squirm. After drying with a rough cotton towel, he pulled a clean white robe that smelled of magic and disinfectant over his head, placed a soft cloth cap over his short hair, and stepped into straw sandals that scratched his feet.
He placed his hand against the doorway to the patients’ area. Magic pushed against him like a strong wind; he relaxed into it, and the door slid open. Lucien took stock. At the moment he had only two subjects. The man was asleep, his skin flushed with fever and marked with red bumps that had not yet begun to flake and bleed.
Lucien turned to the girl. She was little more than a child. Blood leaked from the corners of her eyes and mouth; her breathing was shallow, barely audible. She did not stir when Lucien dabbed the blood off her skin, so lightly as to apply almost no pressur
CapturedMoonlight filtered in through the iron bars, filling the small stone cell with minimal amounts of light.  Crickets could be heard chirping; singing their nightly song in the field beyond the cellblock that was located along the west wall of the city of Thrace.  James Carding leaned against the left wall of his cell, one hand fingering the split lip he had received while trying to resist his captors.  He couldn't believe he'd been caught; Drake and Aislinn were never going to let him live this down.  Well, they wouldn't if he ever managed to escape.
He sighed and climbed to his feet, starting to pace his cell, trying to work out the kinks and stiffness from having been sitting for so long, and from having the crap kicked out of him when he wouldn't just "come along quietly" like the guards had demanded. He approached the bars and stuck his head out as far as it would go, trying to see down either end of the hall, looking for a guard or someone to
LostYour slouch says it all
and the way
you wear your hat
in your hands
like something condemned
or a color
you cannot remember.
cannot chase you here
or follow
in the footsteps
of people
whose faces vanish
like purgatory
and pictures
torn from wallets.
will not echo
or move
through your sleep
of tears
in blind comfort.
And no song
that bleeds your name
across the pillows
and leaves you falling
like dreams
that slipped through winter...
A Witch Named Carmine-1Carmine absently wandered through the creature-infested wood.
Pixies and nymphs fluttered curiously around her head, while trolls hid in the safety of their hollow dens as she approached them. She knew this wood like the back of her hand, if anything were to attack her in here, then it was sent with a reason.
Soon Carmine stopped. The path she had been following had suddenly opened up to a grassy glen, leaving her feeling very exposed.
To her right there was a babbling river, now slightly frozen with the on coming winter. Birds of various varieties whistled and tweeted, invisible in the canopy of branches. Butterflies and dragonflies buzzed about the flowers, some poisonous, some edible, around her feet. Carmine cautiously stepped towards the river; tales of disappearances had surfaced to her village from this place, normally she would have avoided this area all together, but her frazzled mind hadn't been focused as to her destination.
Something evil resides here…She assume
Leaves Of DanceAutumn leaves
Of yellow.
Swirling air
In fall.
Twisting to
A beat of
Their own.

I twist the pen
In my hand.
Staring out
The window.
The leaves
Are falling again.
Winter is coming
Ink starts to
Images form
In my head.
Leaves grow
Hands and hair
A body
Wind blowing
In their hair
Dancing alone
Each to a different beat.
By the fated
Sneaks up
On you.
It can be the
Smallest thing.
The smallest
The softest
Inspiration can give you
The feeling
Of everything...
Yet nothing.
The feeling of
With a spark
So subtle
That you don't
Tenshin Diaries chapter 1Name: Crystal
Name of the Diary: ???
Date: November 19
I found this diary together with some old photos, I dont really have anything else to do, so I guess I should write here sometime...
20 of November                     
I couldn't die so easily, I don't remember how many times I tried to kill myself but… it never worked… didn't really make any change at all… Several times I had internal bleedings, broken bones… a pain so strong that my screams could literally bring the dead back to life… but after a while… the injuries… they would just heal, my bleeding would stop and I could also hear the cracking of my bones reshaping themselves… I got used to the cold feeling of my veins when all the blood was spilled all over the floor… but… that never killed me…
24 of november
My life on the other hand… was insupportable in few wor
Memento Mori- Chapter 1A seemingly androgynous form sat in a darkened space. Emptiness surrounded her, giving her the essence of floating in the nothingness. Static danced about her, spilling itself over her thighs and crackling in her ears. She could hear it well, listening to its whirr and zip from moving around so rapidly. Its cackle was overbearing, yelling at her as she sat. Her stillness agitated it, giving it reason to spit at her quiet solace. However, she did not listen. She had learned to ignore the cries of static. The fickle electricity gave her no remorse, no regret. It was useless in her mind and she let that be shown. She showed no kindness to those she could not toy with. She needed emotions and such simple beings of nature didn't have such glorious properties.
She bent over, wrapping her arms tightly around her calves. The static grew madly, spreading itself along her back and playing amongst her chin-length black hair. It tickled her lips and pinched her cheeks.
She spun frontwards, releasi
Storms: A SequelThe lightning bolt:
Beat Of the Drums - Part OnePounding drums. They reverberated throughout the entire forest. The thick scent of tart sap and sweet honey was too powerful, swamping her, dulling her senses and made her limbs feel more heavy than she could bear to handle.
She didn't understand why she felt she should flee. War drums were a familiar sound to her, something she understood completely. She was one of the Tree-Leapers, who pinned off the enemy clan members with their bows. She wasn't great, but she was useful.
Now that she knew her primary target, though, all she could do was flee. Which would leave her alone, without food or companion and most likely a terrible headache to go with it all. She'd never be accepted back as a deserter, but she couldn't just kill her friend who felt like a sister.
She stopped running. She didn't know why the power of the scents was overtaking her now. But they were.
Just great. All of my honourable life I've gotten by as one of the Tree Leapers. Now I'm a deserter, and my clan will
Juusan: Destined Arrival
Juusan: Destined Arrival
     The sun smiles upon the land, granting its gift of luminescence to the foothills of Fuji-yami Wild flora, fields upon fields of it, greet the travelers with its lush, leafy radiance, and the local fauna bask in what appears to be nature's day off. A cool breeze blows in from the mountain, making the sun's mild overbearance somewhat more tolerable. Today should be a good day, yes, but their reason for coming to this place keeps it from being so.
     Absentmindedly, Kazuya wanders ahead on his own, leaving the rest of the group not too far behind. He cannot seem to shake off this dark feeling pervading his thoughts and his very being, despite the calm, relaxed surroundings. He wonders if this vista presented before him is nothing more than a farce, created by his own mind, just to cope with these dark times. He even questions the very reason they came to Fuji-yama.

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